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Fishing Whitefish Canada

Fly-In Bait and Spinning and Fly Fishing Lake Whitefish

Found in the Northern Pike spawning holes and in the shallow bays trying to feed on pike eggs.  The Lake Whitefish are easily spooked and hard to catch at this time and can be seen fleeing from your boat in the crystal clear water.  Small flies and spinners on light tackle at long distance seem to work best at this time.

Fall is the best time for Whitefish.  Like the Lake Trout, Whitefish are Fall spawners, running the river at this time can be found congregating at the outlets falls of Hearne Lake in great numbers.  They also mix in with the Lake Trout during the up river spawn.  They will readily take top water or sinking fly or ultra light spinners.   They range from 2 to 5 lb and are tremendous fighters.  Because of their strength and their soft mouth, on a fly or light spin cast and in the rapids they will produce a fight to remember.  You will probably only land one in five.

During the summer months Whitefish is not one of our target species but can be taken during calm evenings on top water on the main lake.  You just look for the small dimples they create while feeding.

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