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After ice out and throughout June the Lake Trout take advantage of the cooler waters and cuise the shallows searching for schools of baitfish and they can be caught in a few feet of water, in the bays, along reefs and at the shallow river inlet to the lake and around the many islands.   Lake Trout will also drive the schools of baitfish to the surface.   This creates a "feeding frenzy".  It is a shrill to come upon these frenzies.  The Arctic Terns will show you where the frenzy is taking place, as they dive for the bait driven to the surface and killed by the trout.  These frenzies can last for hours or minutes and provide a fish almost every cast which are usually in the 3 to 8 lb range. 

Though not a rule, we find most of the trophy Lake Trout are caught in the shallows at this time of year, cruising and hunting by themselves away from the smaller, faster trout.  Remembering that Lake Trout thrash through the school of baitfish killing and stunning as many as they can with their heads, body and teeth, then return to swallow the stunned and dead suspended bait.  This is why many fisherman notice the strike and set the hook too early.   You will also catch foul hooked fish because of this habit.  Wait until you catch a back or tail hooked Lake Trout!

When the surface water warms to 55〫F or so the trout move from shallow to deeper water at this time.  They no longer take shallow running lures and we will resort to deep runners or our supplied down-riggers.   My favorite method is vertical jigging with Buzz Bombs and heavier jigs.  As with Walleye fishing, jigging allows you to feel the strike and the trout will give five times the fight compared to trolling.  It won't take long for you to get addicted to this method Laker fishing.  The Lakers are plentiful and the catch numbers are excellent using these methods.  As a rule the large lake Trout hang out below the smaller ones.  This is where our supplied depth finders come into play.  If you are catching great numbers of Trout in the 3 to 8 lb range at 40 or 50 ft you will want to go just a little deeper for the trophy Lakers.   We have found that lake trout are usually caught when you are not catching large quantities of smaller ones.  This makes sense since the large trout can't compete speed wise with the smaller trout.   The large ones will search out their own hunting grounds or remain below the smaller fish, waiting for a chance to scavenge some of their sibling's dinner.  

Late August and early September is exciting time of year.   The Lake Trout are starting their spawn.  Depending on what stage of the spawn they are in during your visit, the trout can be taken in great numbers in the shallows, up river or at the rivers inlet to Hearne Lake.   We have found that around the 1st of September, the action starts at the river inlet and on the rocky shores as the trout start to spawn.  The spawn can start as early as the last week of August. 

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