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Fishing the Hearne Lake
Hearne Lake is actually 2 lakes connected by what we call Moore Channel.  The smaller lake we named Finbear Lake.  The lodge is situated on the east side about middle of Hearne Lake, which is 13 miles long by 3 miles wide.  Hearne Lake ranges from 30ft at the north river entrance to 200 feet, two thirds of the way south.  The bottom then drops off to reach 385 ft in places.  There are many islands and shallow structure throughout the lake making it easy to target the Lake Trout and Northern Pike.  Some of the best fishing is between the islands within sight of the lodge.  It is a bit narrower here and increases the catch ratio as they follow the baitfish through this funnel area.   We will spend many an evening here holding impromptu, after supper, tournaments. A guest named this section "Trout Alley".  

Fishing Beaulieu River
The Beaulieu River enters Hearne Lake from the North and exits on the East a few miles south of the lodge.  Here it forms a 30-foot falls and rapids as it leaves our company to continue it's winding journey south to flow into Great Slave Lake.  To the North of Hearne Lake we have access to 13 miles or os of the Beaulieu River, where the boats are halted by a spectacular 40-foot waterfalls and rapids.  This is where the Arctic Grayling call home.  A walking path has been cleared on the west side of the river creating approximately 1000 yards of shoreline walking path.  We usually make this a group day trip, guided for the first time so you familiarize yourself with the 3 or so shallow parts of the river that can be tricky.  The majority of the river is over 10 ft deep with a few of the small river lakes reaching 30 ft.  After your first free-guided trip you may return on your own if you wish. 
Some of of the fly fishermen like to return upriver with the tremendous Arctic Grayling fishery, while others like to spend more time on the main lake chasing trophy Lake Trout and Northern Pike.
Although it is not one of our main targets, the river holes also hold Walleye.  They can however be very difficult to catch other than after ice out in June during their spawn.

We have access to smaller lakes, ZigZag and Trout Lake.  These are day trips for those of you who want to experience something different.  These lakes are "fly fishing only" at and added cost.  
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