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Canada Arctic Grayling

Arctic Grayling Fishing 

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Fly-In Bait and Spinning and Fly Fishing Arctic Grayling

The Grayling fishing is getting better with every year.   The Arctic Grayling are the Princess of the North.  Their colors and beauty are spectacular.  They are taken in the Beaulieu River, which flows into Hearne Lake from the north.  It is a beautiful trip up river to the faster water below a falls where these beauties live.  Ken will guide you on your first trip and then you will be able to return alone during your stay if you wish.  A trail has been cut so you can walk the rivers edge and try your luck from the newly created casting areas.  It is about a 10 minute walk from the boat park to the spectacular falls. Arctic Grayling catch ration goes way up as the river water level drops.  The Arctic Grayling congregate at the waterfalls and rapids up river.  They will readily take small spinners and flies at this time of year and throughout July, August and September.  Due to their sensitivity to handling we ask that our guests get one phone of themselves with a grayling and then release the rest of those caught with the least amount of handling.   WIth this practice our grayling fishing has flourished and improved every year over the years.

The Grayling fishing will remain good through the fall, in fact, larger Grayling seem to be taken in the fall.

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